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            We are the creator and disseminator for pioneering content

            Founded in 2003, TOPYS is one of the earliest and most popular creative vertical websites in China, dedicated to finding the most representative and distinctive voice in the fields of global creativity, arts and culture. In the past 15 years, TOPYS has interviewed 100+ top-tier creative individuals and groups from all over the world, published 30000+ original stories, and accumulated 1 billion + reading from millions of users.

            We take "Open Your Mind" as a purpose and We are a platform, an incubator, a bridge between readers, creators and companies, to help them change the world, We believe the revolutionary shift from Made in China to Created in China is on its way, Connecting China and global creative trend and business development .

            Our Products

            TOPYS Interview
            The Gathering Point for Great Minds
            In-depth interviews with exceptional human beings in the creative industry. Each story shines with a fresh angle, and each story serves as your inspirational mentor
            TOPYS Exclusive
            The Collection of Unparalleled Insights and Studies
            Special columns delivering interesting topics, unique perspectives, compelling narratives, and targeted studies dissecting the existing creative business
            The Tangible Treasure-house for Creativity
            Sometimes wide, sometimes deep, but always inspirational
            The Meet with Masters
            Inspirational master classes inviting global talents to share their state-of-the-art insights and enlighten audience with new ways of thinking and perceiving
            The Ultimate Destination
            A pioneering online lifestyle store peddling curiosity, imagination and creativity. You never know what it will sell tomorrow, but that is exactly part of the experience.
            The Catalyst for Commercial Innovation
            Integrated branding solutions and services for brands eager to think outside the box, connecting brands with creative and premium content, communication and business model.


            The North Face

            New Balance


            From Yuhang




            Creative Network

            Our Partner

            Contact Us

            Simply say hi

            mail: contact@topys.cn


            QQ : 3403339776


            Email : business@topys.cn





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